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Boxed Ear OSCar Kontakt sample pack

The OSCar is a legend amongst synthesizers. It's early digital oscillators give it a unique character which many fall in love with. It's dirty, grungy and chock full of techno.
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Boxed Ear Sys100 Kontakt sample pack

A Kontakt sample pack made entirely with the delicious Roland System 100, a semi-modular synth that is a design classic. This synth sounds every bit as good as it looks. We got hold hold of one and gave it some Boxed Ear love.
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Boxed Ear Mighty M5 Kontakt sample pack

Boxed Ear's first ever product. A Kontakt sample pack made with the mighty Macbeth M5 synthesizer. What a beast. It's a modern classic, very difficult to get hold of as those lucky enough to own them rarely sell.